Our portfolio has examples of Evergreen 50+ advertising and projects for government and business marketing to Seniors and marketing to Baby Boomers.

Evergreen was an Australian first in ad agencies specialising in over 50s marketing , including Seniors and retirees marketing.

For over 10 years, we have amassed more experience and expertise in 50+ communications.

Evergreen speakers have presented at over 100 conferences, in Australia and around the world.

Apart from creating our own publications, members of the Evergreen team have written chapters for international books on marketing to Seniors, and reports about advertising to Baby Boomers.

Some of these publications appear on this page.

Enjoy them with our compliments.

Whether you need advertising to Seniors, digital marketing to Baby Boomers or content marketing to any over 50’s segment, contact Evergreen for the answers.

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Communicating successfully with the diverse range of mature audiences requires a deeper understanding of strategy, creative, media channels and how best to implement programmes that resonate. We call it mature thinking.

Evergreen case studies

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For in depth case studies, click the download now button to see the available case studies.

Evergreen fact sheet

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Until now, the mature audience has generally been considered an homogenous group where messages or media have been applied using a ‘one size fits all’ philosophy. Evergreen applies a specialised perspective.

Evergreen top 10 tips

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After 10 years producing specialised and targeted campaigns aimed at people over 50, Evergreen has compiled it’s top 10 tips for campaign effectiveness advertising to people over 50.

The Evergreen report – What mature women think

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The Evergreen Youtube channel has various videos including top tips on marketing to the 50+ market, understanding generational differences and media appearances from managing director Gill Walker.