Odyssey Travel was concerned that open rates of their marketing email were declining and it was not being maximised as a communication tool.

The email is a weekly newsletter sent to Odyssey Traveller community that displays all of the upcoming tours and offers, and is very information heavy. It is a key communication mechanism in Odyssey’s customer retention strategy.

Evergreen was briefed to improve the effectiveness of the email design, leading to an increase in the open rate and potentially an increase in bookings.

Experience and research in travel marketing showed that large, striking images and a better typographic hierarchy would benefit the email greatly, and make it easier to read.

We also found that up to 30% of the email recipients were reading on a mobile device. The existing email format would not allow it to scale for different screens, making reading difficult especially for the core target market of over 60’s.

Odyssey has a brilliant library of quality images, so it was relatively easy to enlarge images and make them more of a focus. The design established a visual typographic hierarchy, which involved organising the type to establish an order of importance within the copy. This helps guide the reader’s eye and isolates certain information based on consistent use of style. Lastly was ensuring the new design would easily scale to different screen sizes and orientations, achieved with coding and planning throughout the entire re-design.

The email is now more attractive and easier to read or scan through on any device. Plus, the open rate has increased significantly.

Mark Banning-Taylor, CEO of Odyssey Traveller, was delighted with the result, “Evergreen’s redesign of the 5 year old Odyssey Travel newsletter has lifted our opening rate by 25% in the last 2 months. This means more people are seeing our range of tours and special offers, leading to an increase in bookings. It just shows that your brand presence needs to evolve, rather than stagnate. An excellent result.”

You can sign up to the Odyssey Traveller email here.