Explore the Evergreen 50+ worldwide network through links to our associates and leading specialists in marketing to Seniors and marketing to Baby Boomers.

Chuck Nyren –

chucknyrenChuck Nyren is an award-winning advertising/marketing video producer, creative strategist, copywriter, consultant, author, and speaker focusing on The National and International Baby Boomers Market.

Kim Walker – Silvergroup Asia

silvergroupasiaKim is the founder of SILVER, the first business consultancy to focus on the senior market segment in Asia Pacific.  He has assembled an extraordinary team of experts in specific fields. Kim is a leading proponent of the concept of age-friendliness related to the physiology of ageing and with his colleague Dick Stroud has invented AF the world’s first age-friendly audit. His opinions on building an ageless product and service are much sought after by business and the media alike and has appeared repeatedly on CNBC, Bloomberg and Channel News Asia. Evergreen is delighted to be the first agency in Australia to partner with Kim and Dick and provide the Age Friendly Audit

Dick Stroud - 20plus30

dickstroudDick Stroud started 20plus30 in 2004, when it consisted of an informal group of fellow, 50-plus marketers. The company has now evolved to become a key player in the international 50-plus marketing scene. Dick is a very accomplished author. Gill from Evergreen was delighted to contribute the Australian perspective to his book, The 50+ market.  Dick is soon to release a joint project on the impact and opportunity of an age-friendly world that he co-authored with Kim Walker

Kevin Lavery – Mature Advertising and Marketing Specialist

kevinlaveryKevin was very much part of the inspiration behind Evergreen over 10 years ago. Kevin is definitely themost experienced 50+ agency practitioner in Europe. He is a much sought after speaker on the world’s mature marketing conference circuit. He presents conferences, seminars, workshops and training sessions on all aspects of ‘mature (50+) marketing’ especially in-house ‘mature marketing masterclass’ training sessions for companies who want their staff to better understand the important 50+ cohort

Charlie Nelson – Foreseechange

charlieForeseechange provides accurate and insightful forecasts.  They use advanced forecasting models, specified on the basis of our research into how markets actually work. Charlie Nelson is an expert at forecasting population trends and retail sales.

Matt Thornhill – The Boomer Project

boomerprojectMatt Thornhill is considered to be the US authority on marketing to today’s Boomer Consumer. His opinions and insights are sought by media around the world. He’s appeared on NBC, CBS, CNBC, in BusinessWeek, TIME, Newsweek and The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, USA Today and countless others. Matt has spoken at over 200 events across the United States, Canada, Spain, Brazil and Panama in front of audiences from 2 to 2,000.

David Weigelt – Immersion Active

immersionactiveDavid Weigelt is a co-founder and partner of Immersion Active, the only Internet marketing agency in the United States focused solely on the baby boomer and senior markets.

He has worked in the online marketing industry since 1995, crafting his expertise in developing interactive marketing campaigns targeting boomers and seniors.

Brent Green – Brent Green Associates

dickstroudBrent Green published the first edition of Marketing to Leading-Edge Baby Boomers years ahead of a rush of new books about Boomer marketing. This influential, thought-leading book provides a definitive overview of the Boomer mindset. His radio show Generation Reinvention is a must listen, for anyone with an interest in the boomer market. Each show is a million dollars’ worth of insights and great ideas.

Mature Marketing Association (MMA)

kevinlaveryThe Mature Marketing Association (MMA) is a group of academics, advertising and marketing agencies, businesses, consultants, marketers and organisations which is committed to promoting the concept and benefits of ‘mature marketing’ to the business, marketing and media communities., Australia’s leading site for aged care information. 2,929,490 browsers per annum and 12,795,396 impressions per annum.