The Lifestage mosaic of the mature consumer

Here at Evergreen, we are strong believers in taking a holistic view in understanding the mature consumer. Whilst age is a very important influence on their buying behaviour and decisions, a number of other factors can also have a significant influence. One of those factors is lifestages, which are critical events that occur during a […]

Score more jewellery sales by bridging the generation gap

A recent article in ‘Jeweller’ magazine outlined the key challenges that luxury retailers face when trying to market to Millennials and Boomers. Should they be targeting one or the other, or both? How should they target them? Key take-outs include: Potential market size. Boomers (5.17M) and Millennials (5.22M) are Australia’s two largest demographic groups in […]

The UK launches the Mature Marketing Awards

Evergreen is thrilled with this week’s announcement from the UK by the Mature Marketing Association (MMA) of the launch of the first-ever Mature Marketing Awards. As Kevin Lavery, the chairman of MMA says “The Mature Marketing Awards will celebrate and promote excellence in advertising and marketing activity that is directed at, or includes, older consumers […]

Have you outgrown uncomfortable? – Bonds Comfytails

Here at Evergreen we are loving the recent Comfytails communication campaign from Bonds as a great example of marketing to mature consumers and baby boomers. The campaign hilariously demonstrates the embarrassing and humiliating consequences of younger women wearing uncomfortable underwear in their 20’s in the belief that they needed to do so in order to […]

AdWords costs forecast to soar for Aged Care and Home Care

From Feb 27, 2017 the Government changed how home care is delivered in Australia, to a more user-chooser based model. There are a number of changes being made to Home Care Packages. The biggest change is that instead of the Home Care Package being owned by the service provider, they will now be owned by […]

Why are Baby Boomers largely ignored by advertisers and marketers?

In the US it is estimated that as little as 5% of advertising dollars are targeted at adults aged 35 to 64 years (Steimer, 2017), and this could be likened to Australian advertising spending patterns. In Australia, typically advertisers and marketers focus their efforts on the younger generations of X and Y, yet Baby Boomers […]

Quick glance must be ageless

In an age where much of the information Boomers and Seniors receive is through ‘quick glance’ situations on screens, the design of the digital font characters in screen language is critical to comprehension.