What Facebook’s changing news feed algorithm means for marketers

You have maybe seen some of the click bait headlines over the last few days “Mark Zuckerberg’s change of heart just cost him $3.3 Billion”. Or how about “Mark Zuckerberg is fighting to save Facebook”. Dramatic stuff huh. So what’s happened at Facebook? Facebook is changing the algorithm regarding which content will appear in the […]

Aussies over 50 loathe Gen Y’s political correctness

A new study of Australians aged 50-plus has revealed they’re no fans of younger generations’ politically correct views and describe it as “annoying”, “unauthentic” and, heaven forbid, it’s “ruining society”. The seventh instalment of the study, titled The Australian Seniors Series: Modern Australian Manners Survey, was compiled by Australian Seniors Insurance Agency and interviewed 1000 […]

Targeting seniors with healthier biscuits and snacks

Recent data from the UK indicates that by 2030, nearly a quarter of the UK’s population will comprise people over the age of 65 and this sector will grow at a faster rate than the working age population. This group is 27% more likely to snack and 30% more likely to snack on biscuits, most […]

How over 50’s use social media – 2017 Sensis Social Media Report

The Sensis Social Media Report is an annual survey of 800 consumers, aged 18 to 65+, researching how they use social media. The research was conducted nationally via telephone in Feb/Mar 2017. The 2017 consumer results released today reveal a number of interesting findings about how the over 50’s access and use social media. Key […]

Tech adoption climbs among older adults

Recent US Research by the Pew Research Centre has revealed a number of interesting findings regarding the increasing tech adoption climbs amongst older adults – defined as those aged 65+. Key findings include: 42% of older adults now report owning smartphones, up from just 18% in 2013. 67% of older adults use the Internet, compared […]

How to market more effectively to Boomer women

Today’s post is a recent article by Jim Gilmartin, principal of agency Coming of Age and part of the Evergreen worldwide network of associates and specialists in marketing to Boomers. Jim shares some great tips on how to market more effectively to Boomer women. One of my favourite authors and presenters on marketing to women […]

The AF Brands app. Measuring your brand’s Age-Friendliness

In this week’s guest post, Kim Walker, CEO of Silver Group, details the development of a unique marketing audit tool for brands called The AF Brands app. The app measures how well brands respond to physiological ageing. The trial version of the iPad-only app is available now and free to download from iTunes. “A recent […]