Australian Marketing Institute Webinar on the 7 lives of boomers, presented by Gill Walker Evergreen Advertising.

Ever wondered what the business opportunities are for marketers and advertisers to target boomers? In this webinar we discuss the 7 lives of boomers and explain some of the issues and opportunities they face in their decision making. Importantly within their multifaceted lives we share some practical ideas and tips for companies to create products […]

The ageing face of social media

Millions of older Australians are joining the social media revolution for the first time, according to the fourth annual snapshot of social media. The 2014 Yellow™ Social Media Report revealed a wave of Australians aged 50-64 and 65+ have joined the online conversation. Some 58 per cent of internet users aged 50-64 now use social […]

Lifestyle & Spending Habits of Older Australians – 10 Key Findings

Macquarie Radio Network recently commissioned some new research into the lifestyle and spending habits of older Australians. The qualitative and online quantitative study covered all age groups from 18+, but focused on the  45 – 69 year old age group. Sample size was 1200 respondents in total nationally. The results make for some fascinating reading. […]

Five seniors stories I’ve loved lately

Here are five seniors stories I’ve loved lately. American Apparel casts 62 year old Lingerie Model We think you will agree that Jacky O’Shaughnessey looks fabulous in the new American Apparel’s new lingerie campaign.

Cyberseniorscorner – Seniors YouTube Channel

Here at Evergreen we love to bring you inspiring stories about seniors challenging others expectations of them and how they should live their lives. Cyberseniorscorner is a Seniors YouTube channel. The channel came about via a high school community service project in Canada started by two teenage sisters. They came up with the idea after […]

Seniors know how beat a Hangover

Now that the kids have gone back to school it certainly seems like it’s seniors time at the movies. In the last week, we have had the release of the boxing pic Grudge Match, starring Sylvester Stallone and Robert De Niro, both of whom are close to 70 years of age. Unfortunately Peter Travers review […]

It’s our birthday, but marketers received the presents!

This year Evergreen celebrated ten years in business creating campaigns for boomers and seniors. To mark the occasion and to say thank you for a decade of service, we held a competition giving away a $10,000 advertising campaign to help marketers reach the affluent 50+ market. Marketers were invited to share their business problem with […]