An SEO odyssey

Achieving front page rankings in a search engine is today’s goal. But the language of the approach, for many of us, is foreign.  For the last 6 weeks, since relaunching our website in late May, the Odyssey Travel management team has sought to embrace the challenges of realising growth in visitor numbers from page rankings […]

Consumer choice shapes mature media

A growing mature demographic has resulted in an increase in media spend as businesses realize the power of the silver dollar. This is particularly evident in the retirement living and aged care category.

Beware the Ides of February

Yes, February 27, 2017 is a turning point in home care history. It is one of the events that mark the transition from provider-directed to consumer-directed care. Are you ready?

Local mature models star for Bloom

A global hearing aid retailer, Bloom, has used Australian mature models in a local photography project to boost its worldwide marketing communications image library.

Older Australians’ household wealth rising: report

Australians aged 55–64 represent the wealthiest households in Australia, while those over 65 have experienced the fastest growth in household wealth, a longitudinal study has found. The Household, Income and Labour Dynamics in Australia (HILDA) Report found that prior to 2014, the median wealth of people aged 65 and over was less than that of those […]

Three consumer groups are crucial – McKinsey

Demographic shifts are having a profound effect on consumer markets around the world, which will require brands to focus on three key groups of consumers over the next 15 years, according to recent analysis from McKinsey. One of those key groups is consumers aged 60+ in the US, Western Europe and Northeast Asia. Their number is […]

Why the grey market has become so appealing

In this Mumbrella  guest post, Gill Walker says the grey market of 50-plus Australians is as diverse as the coveted 18-35s demographic, so why aren’t marketers more effectively targeting them? Over the past 10 years of selling the story that 50-plus is sexy, I am delighted to see the increasing interest in media opportunities aimed […]

Age is a poor way to target people over 50

At last, there has been a noticeable change in mainstream advertiser’s interest in marketing to older audiences. About time. Ten years ago I commented that the ratio of media spend to older audiences was disproportionate to their share wallet. Also that most advertising aimed at older audiences, skewed to aged-based products and services rather than […]

Getting your brand right

Getting your brand right

Post originally appeared in Does your branding and marketing tell the right story about your village? Jude Barback talks to branding expert Gill Walker about why good branding is critical to success. It’s easy for industry insiders to assume that the general public understands what a retirement village is all about, but without clear imagery, […]