Have you outgrown uncomfortable? – Bonds Comfytails

Have you outgrown uncomfortable? – Bonds Comfytails

Here at Evergreen we are loving the recent Comfytails communication campaign from Bonds as a great example of marketing to mature consumers and baby boomers. The campaign hilariously demonstrates the embarrassing and humiliating consequences of younger women wearing uncomfortable underwear in their 20’s in the belief that they needed to do so in order to […]

AdWords costs forecast to soar for Aged Care and Home Care

AdWords costs forecast to soar for Aged Care and Home Care

From Feb 27, 2017 the Government changed how home care is delivered in Australia, to a more user-chooser based model. There are a number of changes being made to Home Care Packages. The biggest change is that instead of the Home Care Package being owned by the service provider, they will now be owned by […]

Why are Baby Boomers largely ignored by advertisers and marketers?

In the US it is estimated that as little as 5% of advertising dollars are targeted at adults aged 35 to 64 years (Steimer, 2017), and this could be likened to Australian advertising spending patterns. In Australia, typically advertisers and marketers focus their efforts on the younger generations of X and Y, yet Baby Boomers […]

Quick glance must be ageless

In an age where much of the information Boomers and Seniors receive is through ‘quick glance’ situations on screens, the design of the digital font characters in screen language is critical to comprehension.

5 reasons why seniors may be ignoring your advertising

Contrast is the key When designing adverts, consider the physiological process of ageing and design for the eyes. Go for colour contrast because as people age, the way light is processed within the eye changes. Colour and text of similar hues or density are harder to distinguish and can make your design elements harder to […]

Infographic: How Millenials and Baby Boomers consume user generated content

From an A-list celebrity tagging his new designer duds on Instagram to your next-door neighbor raving about her favorite new meal-delivery service on Facebook, most everyone uses social media to talk about brands. But how different generations of people create, consume and share this type of user-generated content varies widely. To help marketers better understand […]